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About us

Pixel Holiday  is a photography service company, which from 2008 has never stopped creating smiles and memories by simply capturing unique moments and feelings of people from all over the world. As Pixel Holiday rapidly grows, manages to make each moment memorable by using high quality services, products and the latest technology in amazing places ad attractions where everyone wishes to be captured...

                                                                                             Our Vision
To create more and more smiles and to give people the opportunity to save and share their special moments, feelings, dreams, experiences, adventures and their favorite place and destination in all over the world


Feature and Benefit

Easy integration into the Hotel / Resort / Water parks / Attractions

Premises are not necessary

Minimal space required in the complex

Staff paid and managed by our services

Prints on quality paper & digital download 

Follow up to orders by receptive photo advisor

Provides additional source of revenue 

How we Work

We work as a team, each team is composed of two to four photographers and a photo-Office that is our point of contact with the customer, where the photos of the day are displayed on touch screen monitors and where they are printed and sold the photos.

Pixel Holiday  does not charge photo service, the customer only pays for the photos they want to buy, no waiting, instantly, either on paper or on CD/ Usb /Email (to include it in their own digital albums or mail without loss of quality )..

Photography & Videography Service By PixelHoliday
Pixelholiday  photography & videography  Presentation 2
How to Boost Your Photography Career?

Pixel Holiday Photographers

We know that the success of our company depends on a lot of our staff, we selected each photographer personally, seeking a balance between arts and courtesy that requires direct and constant contact with the public.

Each photographer working in Pixel Holiday has exceeded a ten-day course where they learn to work in our system and where we can assess both their artistic ability as their personal fitness.

Our photographers speak several languages, are experts in public relations and smile is part of their uniform.

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