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What Are The Benefits?


If You'll Get Experience in :

  • Sales

  • Acting

  • Public Relations

  • Insurance

  • Photography

  • Advertising

  • Entertainment

Which might help you.

picture 11.2.jpeg
  • Benefit :

  • Accommodation

  • Meal a day

  • Training for being a photographer and advisor Photo(Job specific Approaching and Selling    Techniques)

  • Salary + Bonuses

  • The opportunity to discover new places, & destinations that you've always wanted to visit

  • Experience in a superb location for  holiday

  • Insurance

  • Uniforms


Don't wait to apply.


We are waiting for you to join our hotel photographer teams, and enjoy your season under the sun with us.


We can offer you greet life time you won't forget, but it's up to you to take the first step towards your new life.

Working Time

  • PHOTOGRAPHER & PHOTO ADVAIDOR work program for 8  hours and is divided into two parts.

Photographer & Advisor

Being a part of our  PHOTOGRAPHER team, you will have an opportunity to communicate in foreign languages.

If you speak English and German, French or Russian language, you are self-confident in these skills and you believed that you can become a part of our team. Then you are going in the right direction.

  •   You will approach customers from the hotels or water parks in which we operate. You will talk to them, joke around and propose photo sessions on the beach or in the hotel garden;

  • You will take photos and photoshoots.

  • You will constantly communicate with your colleagues. The counselor is your colleague and friend of the hotel Park with whom you will share both the target and the effort, as well as the gain and the joys;

  •  You will download the photos with the Pixelholiday system.

  •  You will present and sell your photos/photo session to Hotel Guests;

  • Team Members capture images that are fun, spontaneous and creative to exceed the customers’ expectations, perform the sales process to achieve Sales Average expectations, talk with potential customers and call existing customers to schedule and confirm photography sessions, as well as provide a delightful customer experience.

  • You will print photos or upload online and arrange them in albums, photo frames, magnets or key chains…

  • ATTENTION: This is 70% a sales job & only 30% a photography job. It is important to have the courage to go to people and sell this service to them.

What you will do

Do you believe you belong to Pixelholiday Team?

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