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How we work 

Pixel Holiday

Besides being a valuable additional service, the experience and capabilities of Pixel Holiday will allow you by various means to enhance your company.

Accordingly our photography teams will be at your disposal to immortalize any special on specified events that you may wish to service.

These privileged reports will allow us to rapidly exceed your expectations.


The Photo Advisor

  • Contributes to the general atmosphere of the Attractions

  • Explains the photo service operation and use of info-kiosks

  • Manages the functional part of the photo space (order collection and photo printing)

  • Supports guides and informs on all aspects related to the photo.

  • Is professionally trained whit a special focus on attractions .

The Photographer

  • Is professionally trained and has a special focus on attractions.

  • Is a valued character, appreciated by an whit his/her behavior style, services and humor.

  • Ensures photographs are taken within the establishment during the whole day.

  • Contributes to the costumer entertainment.

  • Will be present during the important events of the day .

  • At the meetings photo reports according to the Attractions environment

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