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Photographer Reviews 

Working for this company changed the way i see position of ,,Hotel Photographer". My experience on work before this company was full of stress and constant pressure. Working for Pixel Holiday was different. Way of doing things was different and more guest friendly.

~Srdjan Antic.

Hello to everybody, After a full season at the PixeLHoliday company i would like to share my experience to everyone who is planning to work for the company.

The pixelholiday it's a very serious company with respect and understanding at their staff. Everything you need and make you happy the competent staffs will try their best to make it happen. As i know now, i can tell with sure that its ΝΟΤ a company which care only about money. They want of course to profit from the Job without busing you. Every day they want to make you better for the Job with advice and tactics. The company reward the good staff, so if you believe at your self and think that you are good for this kind of job this is your change !!! And the KEY that make me feel so comfortable for this company? Is the Management..  very friendly, As i still remember at the begin of the season they told me one thing Staff first and after the customers and the money. we want to make our staff happy to make them better and work Happy. And they keep them promise..

~Nikos Antonopoulos

Hi! , I'm  Working in Malta with pixel holiday as a photographer. I'm enjoying my time here. Love the hotel where I work. My colleagues are really nice and always helpful if I need something, so does the supervisor. It's perfect job if you are creative and sociable. You supposed to work a lot with children and they always keep you in a good mood! Organization of work by itself is really good, we start at late morning and have a long brake at the afternoon. Company cares of you and helps you in everything. We've got a nice apartment and food is provided as well. I'm satisfied with everything here and would recommend this company to everybody who wants to start their career as a photographer!


~Elena Yelistratova

It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Pixel Holiday Photography Company‘

I worked with Pixel Holiday Company,  I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Team and came to know Pixel Holiday  as a truly valuable asset to any Photographer. The company is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that,

~Cynthia Sidibe

I have been working as a photographer since 2013. During this time I have been working for five different agencies and in my opinion Pixelholiday is one of the best, because there is more room for creativity and there is not as much pressure and stress as everywhere else. Furthermore, salary and accommodation is very satisfactory. If you are a beginner or professional photographer, Pixelholiday is still the best choice for you!


~Dima Yelistratov

my experience as working for Pixel Holiday is that if we approach people the right way, they appreciate what we do, and enjoy looking at the pictures at the end of every day , or me is very fulfilling, as I enjoy doing photography, and I think we manage to bring pleasant memories to people, ones that they want to purchase at the end of their holiday


~Szidónia Lőrincz

Execs and managers are enthusiastic and passionate about the company and this energy trickles down to the rest of the employees. Everyone I've met is open, warm, friendly, and inclusive, and they all love what they do. A great deal of trust and creative, which was exactly what I wanted and needed from an employer. Leaders value suggestions and input from all employees and encourage ambition and innovation. Benefits are comprehensive and generous, pay is good, and growth opportunities are ample.


~Ingus Breidaks

 I am working for Pixel Holiday company since 2014. I can say that I found my dream job .I am very satisfied with past years with Pixel Holiday and I hope I will continue the same. With me was working very nice and friendly people .The Management of the company all ways do them best to make us feel comfortable, safe and happy at our job place .   


~Rita Araja

Hello everyone.i work for Pixel Holiday past season.i can honestly say that it was one of the best season ever for me.reason of this quite clear for me.understanding and friendship...friendship and people in company friendly and they don't let u feel u never work somewhere u not feeling good.only thing u have to do is giving your best to team.if you do that i guarantee you that they will see that and they will make everything for you...thank you Pixel Holiday for everything and have lovely next seasons.


~Kerem Talay

Hi. everything is good and I like what I'm doing. I love working in Pixel Holiday and I get along very well with Team  thank you for the opportunity. And for the comment-
I enjoy taking pictures and communicating with people. I find myself being creative and open minded. I love to put smile on people faces and make good memories for them to put in the frame.


~Linda Perle

Growing company with a very friendly Management . Lots of opportunity to grow. They have a good sales force. but also high expectations. If you perform, you are rewarded. I felt overall the customer service was good. It is a very young and energetic company.

~Waheid Kahn

Ως εργαζόμενος στην εταιρεία σε θέση φωτογράφου ήταν μία πολύ καλή και ήρεμη εμπειρία ούτε άγχος ούτε πίεση ακόμα και στις δύσκολες περιόδους της σεζόν με πολύ φιλική μεταχείριση και μεγάλη κατανόηση των αναγκών του φωτογράφου.

~Jordanis Dini

Hi everyone, my Name is Gabor aka G. I am working to the Pixel Holiday company . This company gives me that kind of freedom what i have always wished for but in the same time i am facing new challenges all the time what keeps me busy. I am working in Malta what is a real touristic center and i have a chance to meet people from all over the world for real. We have to use all of our language knowledge what we have, even some words can help to build up a good relationship with our costumers. in this job you have daily contact with the hotel guest and we have to smile and show our best all the time but believe me when i say, worth it. Thanks to a job like this you will have friends all over Europe or even Asia America and Africa. The most important skill what you must have is the energy. Speak languages, use the camera, sell, and organize you can learn all but if u have no energy to do that, than its not your place. If you are ready for a big adventure, ready to face problems and to challenge your self and your limit, if you are tired of the daily routine and want to do something totally different what the people are doing in your environment, than apply and see you soon!


~Gábor Környei

||ΠΟΛΥ ΩΡΑΙΑ ΕΜΠΕΙΡΙΑ|| Σχεδον άριστο και πολύ φιλικό περιβάλλον εργασίας. Προσεγμένος και με ωραίο design ο χώρος.Φιλικοτατο και εξυπηρετικό προσωπικό - συνεργάτες. Και το πιο σημαντικό ο εργοδότης που ήτανε άριστος στις υποχρεώσεις του.Οργάνωση αντάξια του ονόματος του.Χώροι διαμονής καθαροί και άνετοι, λίγο μακριά από κεντρικά σημεία αλλά οι συνεργάτες πάντα πρόθυμοι να βοηθήσουν σε κάθε σου ανάγκη.. Συνολικά άριστες εντυπώσεις!!

~Δημητρης Πιατοπο

I was a Sales Photographer working for Pixel Holiday. They are doing it the right way. Really good leadership in sales. They ask a lot of their sales team but treat you well in return. I got good leads and made good money, I really liked their emphasis on honesty and treating customers well.              

~Harkai Hunor

Loved going to work everyday!

The Photographer I worked with and how much trust was instilled in us as employees. Pixel Holiday is just such a good company to work for.

~Katarina Ilic

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