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Pixel Holiday is a photography service company, which from 2008 has never stopped creating smiles and memories by simply capturing unique moments and feelings of people from all over the world.

As Pixel Holiday rapidly grows, manages to make each moment memorable by using high quality services, products and the latest technology in amazing places ad attractions where everyone wishes to be captured...


To create more and more smiles and to give people the opportunity to save and share their special moments, feelings, dreams, experiences, adventures and their favorite place and destination in all over the world.



By means of our creativity, we aim at immortalizing the tourists festive and cherished memories moments .Within the best locations of the hotel facilities.

This will grant us an unrivaled reputation and confidence within hotels, holiday clubs, camping and winter resort

Pixel Holiday

Besides being a valuable additional service, the experience and capabilities of Pixel Holiday will allow you by various means to enhance your company.

Accordingly our photography teams will be at your disposal to immortalize any special on specified events that you may wish to service.

These privileged reports will allow us to rapidly exceed your expectations.


It is without question. Pixel Holiday teams shall respect all internal regulations and policies within your organization.

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